Christmas in Prague: A Fairy Tale Come to Life

When my friend and I arrived in Prague on Christmas Eve, we didn’t know a soul. We didn’t know a word of Czech. All we had was an address to a hostel, one smartphone with working data (mine), and one contact I’d met on Facebook.

Five hours later, we became a group of seven people from three different countries: USA, Morocco, and India. Continue reading “Christmas in Prague: A Fairy Tale Come to Life”

Celebrating the New Year in Sol, the Heart of Madrid

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Sol, Madrid is the Spanish equivalent to celebrating New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

So naturally, that’s how I wanted to ring in 2020.

Most NYEs for me have been boring. Usually, I’ve worked to get holiday pay. Better to get paid more than pay a lot more to go to the same bars, right?

But the 2010s have been an epic decade for me. Continue reading “Celebrating the New Year in Sol, the Heart of Madrid”