Here Are My Thoughts on 7 Beaches in Gran Canaria

Do you want to swim in water that’s as clear as as swimming pool?

Or how about a beach covered in crushed seashells?

Do you want to go snorkeling and see coral reefs?

Or, do you want to trek off the beaten path and walk on fossilized lava (at least, that’s what it looks like)?

Gran Canaria has more variety than I had even imagined, when it comes to the beach.

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24 Never-Before Seen Photos of Snowstorm Filomena in Madrid

Thursday, January 7

It started out innocently enough. Just a light snowfall on a Thursday morning in Madrid.

Snow is not common in Madrid, but it does happen every now and then. However, it only sticks for a day or two at most.

I’d seen videos of the snow in Madrid before, one from two years ago. It was more of a slush than a snowfall. Such was the snow this Thursday morning as I walked to a coffee shop.

“It’s been awhile since it’s snowed, hasn’t it?” I asked the barista as he served me my coffee.

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Patones de Arriba: How to Break into a Ghost’s Home in this Spanish Village

I had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to go home for Christmas.

Thanks, corona.

So, I decided on Plan B: spend the winter holidays in sunny Cadiz, a port town in Andalusia. Because if I’m going to spend Christmas alone, I may as well spend it alone at the beach, right?

I planned the trip. A few days in Cadiz, and a day trip to Tarifa, the southernmost city in Spain. I was about to book the Airbnb and the bus tickets. No one could sto—

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Hondarribia, Spain: No One Would Have Come With Me Here

No one would have come here with me, even if I’d asked them to, I thought to myself, shivering in the rain.

It was a late Friday morning. I was standing at a bus stop in the rain, in a Spanish city whose signs were written in Basque. Which was making matters more confusing as I don’t speak Basque.

A few days prior, when I’d spontaneously booked a trip to San Sebastian, I’d been playing with Google Maps. I noticed that San Sebastian wasn’t too far from the French border. So, I started looking at the towns along the border, and scrolling at the images. Nothing too interesting.

Until I found this:

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