Hondarribia, Spain: No One Would Have Come With Me Here

No one would have come here with me, even if I’d asked them to, I thought to myself, shivering in the rain.

It was a late Friday morning. I was standing at a bus stop in the rain, in a Spanish city whose signs were written in Basque. Which was making matters more confusing as I don’t speak Basque.

A few days prior, when I’d spontaneously booked a trip to San Sebastian, I’d been playing with Google Maps. I noticed that San Sebastian wasn’t too far from the French border. So, I started looking at the towns along the border, and scrolling at the images. Nothing too interesting.

Until I found this:

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This Is What It’s Like To Visit Berlin in the Winter

It was cold, gray, and dark by 4pm.

My friend and I decided to visit Berlin after Prague because we realized via Google Maps that it was only a four-hour bus ride away. Several fellow travelers had boasted of its eccentric culture and lively night life.

They failed to tell us that it’s better to go in the spring. Where the wind does not give you whiplash, and the sky does not make the city seem like a post-apocalyptic movie set. (Or at least where we stayed at.) And where you have more than 7.5 hours of daylight for sightseeing. Continue reading “This Is What It’s Like To Visit Berlin in the Winter”