This Is What It’s Like To Visit Berlin in the Winter

It was cold, gray, and dark by 4pm.

My friend and I decided to visit Berlin after Prague because we realized via Google Maps that it was only a four-hour bus ride away. Several fellow travelers had boasted of its eccentric culture and lively night life.

They failed to tell us that it’s better to go in the spring. Where the wind does not give you whiplash, and the sky does not make the city seem like a post-apocalyptic movie set. (Or at least where we stayed at.) And where you have more than 7.5 hours of daylight for sightseeing. Continue reading “This Is What It’s Like To Visit Berlin in the Winter”

Christmas in Prague: A Fairy Tale Come to Life

When my friend and I arrived in Prague on Christmas Eve, we didn’t know a soul. We didn’t know a word of Czech. All we had was an address to a hostel, one smartphone with working data (mine), and one contact I’d met on Facebook.

Five hours later, we became a group of seven people from three different countries: USA, Morocco, and India. Continue reading “Christmas in Prague: A Fairy Tale Come to Life”