Manzanares El Real: A Castle and a Cute Town

[Welcome to the vault of blog posts from the holidays that were unpublished – until now. Not wanting to spend the holidays crying alone in my apartment, I went on a mission to visit castles in the pueblos in the Community of Madrid. This castle was my favorite.]

“I thought the castle would be bigger,” I thought as the bus pulled into the village.

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Life Update: I’m Leaving Madrid and Moving to the Canary Islands

I don’t know where to begin. I’ve barely updated this blog this year. How do you give a huge announcement to whoever’s still reading? One minute, I was in a snowstorm, and the next minute, I’m moving to paradise.

I’ve learned that, as a writer, sometimes it’s best to speak from the heart. Not everything we write has to be manicured and shiny and edited to a T. Sometimes, the best writing comes straight from the soul. So, here we go, from the heart, as cluttered and messy and raw and real as it is.

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24 Never-Before Seen Photos of Snowstorm Filomena in Madrid

Thursday, January 7

It started out innocently enough. Just a light snowfall on a Thursday morning in Madrid.

Snow is not common in Madrid, but it does happen every now and then. However, it only sticks for a day or two at most.

I’d seen videos of the snow in Madrid before, one from two years ago. It was more of a slush than a snowfall. Such was the snow this Thursday morning as I walked to a coffee shop.

“It’s been awhile since it’s snowed, hasn’t it?” I asked the barista as he served me my coffee.

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