It Took Me 9 Years to Travel to Segovia, Spain

Fun fact: I almost studied abroad in Segovia, Spain in 2010.

At the time, I was majoring in K-12 Spanish and English education, and aspired to be a high school Spanish teacher.

My original plan was to study abroad in Spain for a summer. Since I was a double major, that was the only time my academic schedule would have allowed.

But life doesn’t always go with your original plans. Continue reading “It Took Me 9 Years to Travel to Segovia, Spain”

I Quit My Job to Travel the World. Again.

I was 24 when I first quit my job to travel. I was fresh out of college, with a shiny and expensive liberal arts degree, whose usefulness in the practical world was up for debate.

I must also mention that the country was in the middle of a recession. College graduates, even those with master degrees, were struggling to get full-time jobs with benefits.

At the time, our options were: Continue reading “I Quit My Job to Travel the World. Again.”