Hondarribia, Spain: No One Would Have Come With Me Here

No one would have come here with me, even if I’d asked them to, I thought to myself, shivering in the rain.

It was a late Friday morning. I was standing at a bus stop in the rain, in a Spanish city whose signs were written in Basque. Which was making matters more confusing as I don’t speak Basque.

A few days prior, when I’d spontaneously booked a trip to San Sebastian, I’d been playing with Google Maps. I noticed that San Sebastian wasn’t too far from the French border. So, I started looking at the towns along the border, and scrolling at the images. Nothing too interesting.

Until I found this:

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30 Differences Between Colombian Spanish and European Spanish

When I first arrived in Spain, people told me that when I spoke Spanish, I sounded very Latin American.

I thought it was a very interesting comment. I’d lived in Villavicencio, Colombia for over three years. But by the time I arrived in Madrid, I hadn’t visited Colombia in nearly two years. I thought that, by that time, I’d lost my Colombian accent.

But they didn’t tell me that I sounded Latin American because of my accent. It was because of the words I was using.

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