30 Differences Between Colombian Spanish and European Spanish

When I first arrived in Spain, people told me that when I spoke Spanish, I sounded very Latin American.

I thought it was a very interesting comment. I’d lived in Villavicencio, Colombia for over three years. But by the time I arrived in Madrid, I hadn’t visited Colombia in nearly two years. I thought that, by that time, I’d lost my Colombian accent.

But they didn’t tell me that I sounded Latin American because of my accent. It was because of the words I was using.

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Drinking Wine and Healing My Broken Heart in Logroño, Spain

It had come to my attention one fateful Tuesday night, that it had been awhile since I had done anything spontaneous and impulsive.

And I was not okay with this.

The next thing you know, I woke up the following morning with an email confirming my bus ride and hostel booking in Logroño, Spain.

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