Here Are My Thoughts on 7 Beaches in Gran Canaria

Do you want to swim in water that’s as clear as as swimming pool?

Or how about a beach covered in crushed seashells?

Do you want to go snorkeling and see coral reefs?

Or, do you want to trek off the beaten path and walk on fossilized lava (at least, that’s what it looks like)?

Gran Canaria has more variety than I had even imagined, when it comes to the beach.

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30 Differences Between Colombian Spanish and European Spanish

When I first arrived in Spain, people told me that when I spoke Spanish, I sounded very Latin American.

I thought it was a very interesting comment. I’d lived in Villavicencio, Colombia for over three years. But by the time I arrived in Madrid, I hadn’t visited Colombia in nearly two years. I thought that, by that time, I’d lost my Colombian accent.

But they didn’t tell me that I sounded Latin American because of my accent. It was because of the words I was using.

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